The Trend-Craft advantage… providing lifestyle solutions, not just building services

Our clients look for solutions to their lifestyle challenges, perhaps more room to move, indoor outdoor alfresco living spaces for entertaining, implementing a fresh colour scheme to brighten things up, more storage space for a home office, a new kitchen or bathroom. All of the things you want to enhance your lifestyle choices which often represents a new stage in your life, perhaps preparing for a bigger family, or changing a home for the ‘empty nesting stage’.

With a wide range of experience in restoration, renovation and maintenance work, we pride ourselves on handling the tough projects well. Thirty plus years of experience and a committed team can do that for a building company.

A family owned business we appreciate the challenges life creates and do our best to minimise the hassles which can come from upgrading your home or restoring a damaged property.

Of all the things which set us apart, our systems and procedures mean our team of project planners can keep in touch and coordinate projects with greater ease. Our purpose built system often gives us an edge and certainly assists us in making sure things happen how we want them to.

Who do we build for?

Our clients are discerning people, they have a great idea of what they want (most of the time), often seeking elegant solutions to their building challenges, so we provide that. In essence the people we build for can be…

  • Lifestyle conscious extenders and renovators – Upgrade, upscale, call it what you will, they want more space, better amenities and room to entertain or play in
  • New home buyers – People who are probably looking at building their 2nd or 3rd home or beyond, they have a plan, a block of land and a solid vision.
  • Investors – They like the security real estate provides and often look for ways to make changes to get a bigger return. This can be people building a portfolio for their Self Managed Super Fund or commercial developers working with a team of investors.
  • Insurance companies – They want quality results and don’t pick just anybody to do their work. The bulk of our restoration work has been with many major insurance companies, from flood, storm and fire to accidental and malicious damage we do it all.

We see one thing out of all this, that what we do impacts on your lifestyle therefore our catchphrase has become  “Building Lifestyles” then when you couple that with our selling points “Personalised” project management, attention to detail and a commitment to delivering great results… that’s the Trend-Craft way” you can hopefully start to see we are not just ‘any Builder’ but a Builder who cares about the results you get.